Health workers and the HIV/AIDS stigma

One of the biggest challenges Africa has faced in the fight against HIV/AIDS is stigma. Our communities have found it easier to shun and judge people living with HIV than to accept them and help them. As a result these people have found it difficult to live openly in their societies or even to get… Continue reading Health workers and the HIV/AIDS stigma


Death by culture

We commemorated Africa day a few days ago, at least those of us of African heritage did. Although we are diverse in terms of languages, beliefs, politics and culture. We are also a lot similar in all those same aspects, in fact our similarities are way more than our differences. As the rest of the… Continue reading Death by culture

The Dark Cloud: An Ode from a Depressed soul

There is a dark cloud hanging over my head It follows me wherever I go Bringing rainy days when everyone else is enjoying the sun It has no silver lining It has no rainbows I wake up with a heavy heart and alas it gets heavier with each passing moment every breath more excruciating than… Continue reading The Dark Cloud: An Ode from a Depressed soul

An African funeral: Tsvangirai’s case

Morgan Tsvangirai reshaped Zimbabwe's political arena. He opposed a very brutal dictator and he led that opposition from the front. By the time of his death from colon cancer, he had fought many battles against the ZANU PF regime and he had the scars to prove it. It was therefore no surprise that after his… Continue reading An African funeral: Tsvangirai’s case

Swapping the emergency rooms for the community 

People often ask me how I manage to do the work that I do, and my answer is always the same, I can't imagine doing anything else and being satisfied. Being a doctor in a third world country is different from how medical practice is portrayed on television shows like Grey's Anatomy or House. It's… Continue reading Swapping the emergency rooms for the community 

Amai’s dam: A traveller’s perspective 

There have been rumours that the infamous "Amai" recently acquired herself a dam (which is what we, the villagers, call a lake, in case you get confused). She just woke up one day and declared that the dam was hers, yes you got that right, hers. These rumours have not been substantiated but as we… Continue reading Amai’s dam: A traveller’s perspective 

Obesity, Africa’s pending epidemic 

Traditionally in African societies being overweight has been regarded as a sign of wealth and high social status. People have been encouraged to become obese from a young age either consciously or subconsciously. All of us have encountered obesity being encouraged by statements such as, "You are gaining weight, things must be going well for… Continue reading Obesity, Africa’s pending epidemic 

Terminal illness and death, an African perspective 

We all die eventually, even those who seem invincible will find themselves face to face with their mortality. While mankind has accepted this reality, the actual process of dying haunts even the bravest amongst us. Some more advanced societies ( or primitive depending on your point of view) have used the idea of life after… Continue reading Terminal illness and death, an African perspective 

Breastfeeding: What every African mum should know (part 2)

Im my previous post (which I encourage you to read if u have not), I introduced the topic of breastfeeding with a focus on an African mother. I discussed the technique of breastfeeding, introducing supplementary feeds as well as formula feeding. As promised I will conclude that discussion in this second part, which is just… Continue reading Breastfeeding: What every African mum should know (part 2)