Broadcasters, Prophets and Health

While driving home from work a few days ago, I decided to tune into a popular local radio station.  The talk show that I became unwillingly subjected to in the 30 minutes that followed prompted me to come up with this piece in an effort to find out your views on the matter. This public… Continue reading Broadcasters, Prophets and Health

Harare to Havana: The politics of health 

In 2018 Zimbabwe goes to the polls to elect or reelect its political leaders, as a result we have seen the politicians reawaken from their usual hibernation to shower us with promises, the more learned ones have taken the opportunity to educate us about the mating behavior of bees. In the same period we have… Continue reading Harare to Havana: The politics of health 

Mind the Gap: Public vs Private Hospitals 

Since the beginning of time, people have always been divided into classes based on their wealth. The way that wealth is measured may have evolved over time, but the divisions have stood the test of time. While the gap has always existed, many authorities agree that it is widening. According to CNNMoney, in the USA… Continue reading Mind the Gap: Public vs Private Hospitals 

Breaking Bad News: Every Intern’s Nightmare 

A lot is learnt in medical school, way more than a normal human being should learn, and after graduation the new interns are so excited to finally put their years of lectures, reading and exams to use. It is often disappointing when a young doctor is faced with the reality that all their years in… Continue reading Breaking Bad News: Every Intern’s Nightmare 

The Lumbar Puncture: Power of the Grapevine

Of all the infections that one could get, if you were to hazard a guess, you would probably say the worst is an infection of the brain. There is no official hierarchy of infections but I would also say it's up there.  Meningitis is an inflammation of the meninges, which is a layer that covers… Continue reading The Lumbar Puncture: Power of the Grapevine

The Silent Killer, Exposing the Witchcraft 

My grandmother is a superwoman, and no she is neither a killer nor a witch but this episode is inspired by her and many other African senior citizens. I have decided to share a personal experience about a disease that is not well appreciated in our communities but is also linked to quite a number… Continue reading The Silent Killer, Exposing the Witchcraft 

Ignorance, A People’s Curse 

I remember going to primary school with a girl named Lydia. She was light in complexion, so light it made her stand out. There were many rumors about Lydia, strange stories about her were whispered by students and occasionally even by the teachers. It was said that she was possessed by evil spirits, some said… Continue reading Ignorance, A People’s Curse